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PAAL -  We set standards!

PAAL – Europe´s leading manifacturer of channel baling presses. PAAL - More than 150 years of experience and more than 30,000 sold machines. PAAL - annually more than 150 delivered machines. 

The Original "Made in Germany" -  The. PAAL presses are produced only at the German facility in Georgsmarienhütte.

KONTI/LIKON baler technology - The perfect fully authomatic baler.

KONTI baler with vertical or cross wise tying from 800 to 1950 kN pressing force. LIKON baler with horizontal tying from 1200 to 1950 kN pressing force. Recycable material: cardboard – mixed paper – deinking – PET – foil – plastics.

PACOMAT baler technology - The perfect fully automatic baler for demanding, economic continuous operation with vertical or horizontal tying up to 650 kN pressing force. Recycable materials: cardboard – mixed paper – PET – foil.

DOKON baler technology-HTR baler

DOKON - the fully automatic baler with plastic cord tying from 1000 to 1950 kN pressing force.Recycable material: RDF & various recyclablesmaterials.

HTR Two-Ram baler for paper and plastic grades. agriculture products and waste applications from 1200 – 1950 kN pressing force. Recycable materials: domestic waste & various recyclables

Metal baling press S1W from 650 to 1050 kN pressing force cans, production waste, metallic with bale cross section 400 x 400 mm or 500 x 500 for beverage packaging materials;

 Accessories: Reel Splitter Type RS for Kraftliner, Tissue and plastic film and baler feeding chain conveyor;


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