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WEIMA – clever shredding + briquetting

Made in Germany - We develop and produce in Germany and supply worldwide.

Shredding with WEIMA

Everything that is produced in this world must, sooner or later, be reduced to smaller pieces again and it is precisely here that WEIMA comes into play: Only through the introduction of intelligent shredding technology, waste material is transformed into goods suitable for re-use. Shredded materials can be sorted, cleaned, transported and then subsequently utilized materially and/or for energy or for cost saving disposal.
WEIMA has available an extremely broad range of different machine types, which can be modified to correspond to meet your requirements: Different rotor types such as single shaft or four shaft rotors with a variety of knife systems are available, as are different pressing fixtures in the form of pushers or swingers. Also the in-feeds can be customized to the utilization purposes and can be vertical or horizontal.

Examples of use:
WEIMA is position where she can provide you with a customized shredding solution that meets your individual requirements – plastics, woods, paper/cardboard, metal, vehicle tyres, waste and data destruction

Briquetting with WEIMA

With WEIMA briquette presses a variety of materials without binding agents can be compacted, producing high grade briquettes of unvarying quality. Depending on the desired throughput and intended purposes the machines can not only be set up for different briquette sizes but can also be set up for round or square briquettes.

Examples of use:
For whatever reason you want to produce briquettes from wood, paper and/or cellulose, metal, biomass or synthetic materials a briquette press from WEIMA will serve you well in all cases

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